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The Republic of Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago: a lush kaleidoscope of over 13,000 tropical islands – some still uninhabited and unnamed. Indonesia stretches along the Equator for thousands of miles from the Malay peninsula to New Guinea in the East.


Indonesian weather is warm all year round, from 77 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is cooler and drier from June to September. And the weather is significantly wetter from January to March. Compared to most tropical destinations the weather in Bali is very pleasant, with a wind that never ceases to caress the island and lowers the heat. Unlike the monsoon period in mainland Asia, when rain falls in Bali, it is not too prolonged (and it usually takes place at night or in the late afternoon). The sun rises at 06:00 and sets at 18:00 throughout the year.


Crewed and Cabin charters are available in Bali


Beautiful Bali, also known as Land of the Gods, and its sister island, Lombok, are the jewels of the Indonesian crown. Sailing between the two, you’ll discover endless white sandy beaches and swim in flawless turquoise waters teeming with manta rays, giant ocean sunfish called Mola Mola, sea turtles, colourful clownfish, and every tropical species under the sun.


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