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Onboard ‘Marie’ you will experience a sea of space on top of a sense of safety and comfort. ‘Marie’ is a spacious, comfortable and modern, 22m long and 5,6m wide 2-mast sailing vessel with lots of headroom inside. Inspired by the old Dutch herring luggers the owners had her built in Serbia and rigged her in the Netherlands. On deck and inside you’ll find lots of space to relax, to have your training day or team event. The high bulwark and wide passageways provide comfort and safety. SV Marie Mindful Sailing


DEEPEN: with yoga, mindfulness, breathing sessions or tension releasing exercises in the open air, on the tidal flats in the North of the Netherlands (‘Wadden’) or at anchor,

CONNECT: through team building, meetings, workshops on deck, in the wheelhouse, or on a sandbank,

SAIL WITHOUT FEAR: feel how the ship dances with the waves, plays with the elements.



We take you in small groups across the IJsselmeer and Waddenzee, or just anchor out near Amsterdam.

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